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When I started making cheese bread at home, it was because of passion. I love cheese bread! In São Paulo I didn't live without.


When did I get first time the cheese bread was right when I moved to Denmark, it was a disaster!  But the taste was amazing, I think it's a lot because the danish quality of the cheese is very good.


I received my first incentive to work with cheese bread when I sent some of them frozen to a Brazilian co-worker of my husband.


And so, it was… encouragement after encouragement. And at the end of 2020, I decided to start undertaking the simple motivation of wanting to share with others the experience of tasting a good cheese bread and bringing a little piece of Brazil to Denmark!


The name NOOMA comes from a phonetic spelling of the Greek word πνευμα (pneuma), which means "wind", "spirit", or "breath".



My name is Eliana Miyuki Nangoi, some call me Eliana others call me Miyuki.

But if you ask me which one I prefer, I choose Miyuki. LOL 


I am 41 years old and married to Idryan, a Brazilian, engineer, who works in a company in the wind energy sector.

I have a lovely 3-year-old daughter, Rachel. 

We moved to Denmark in August 2017.


I have a degree in Administration of

Companies from Faculdade Mackenzie in São Paulo, Brazil. I had professional experience in multinationals companies and federal banks in finance, marketing, and sales.


I really like to cook, yeah my daily therapy!

And more than just enjoying cooking, I love to eat and taste different dishes!

Most of my trips are more gastronomic than actually visiting the sights. 

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