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Size: 25 grams each ball on average

  • 40 cheese buns (1kg): 145kr


  • traditional

  • bacon pieces

Shipping values for orders from:

  • 1kg - Shipping $62.00kr

  • 3kg to 9kg: $ 82kr



Payment via Mobile Pay 576209 and/or cash.

Delivery conditions: via mail at PakkeShop (product must be picked up on the same day it arrives at Pakkeshop).

Delivery times:

  • Weekly shipments:

    • To ensure that your products reach you efficiently, we ship orders once a week, every THURSDAY. This allows us to optimize logistics and offer a high-quality service.

    • Your product will be available to pick up the next day at a PAKKESHOP near you.

  • ​Order Deadline:

    • ​If you want your order to be shipped the same week, the time limit for placing your order is until 11am on THURSDAY. This gives us enough time to prepare and dispatch your order efficiently, ensuring that it arrives on FRIDAY.

    • Orders on Wednesday, after 11am:

      • ​If you place an order after the THURSDAY  11am time limit, don't worry - your order will be carefully processed and shipped next week, on the following THURSDAY. We are committed to keeping to our deadlines, so you can plan your week with confidence.


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How to place your order!

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